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The Firm’s Notable Cases And Success Stories

Every criminal case is different, and no attorney can guarantee an outcome. That being said, a lawyer’s record is often a good reflection of her skill and experience. below is a sample of case results that have been achieved by attorney Alexandra Kazarian:

Murder: Case dismissed after successful motion to suppress client’s statement

Murder: First-degree charges dismissed

Child abuse causing death: Client acquitted of killing his 2-month-old son

Attempted murder: Client acquitted of premeditation and deliberation in shooting ex-wife’s boyfriend

Attempted murder: Case dismissed

Attempted murder: Charges dismissed, client offered lesser charge of ADW for 7 years

Battery with great bodily injury: Client acquitted of all charges

Felony domestic violence, assault with a deadly weapon: Charges reduced to vandalism

Felony domestic violence, gun enhancement: Client facing 32 years, acquitted on all domestic violence counts

Felony evading arrest: Hung jury, case dismissed

Felony residential burglary: After independent investigation of crime scene and interview with victim, client offered misdemeanor trespass

Third strike robbery, 25-life: After in-depth negotiations with the prosecutor, client offered time served, nonstrike

Some defendants are entirely innocent of their charges while others have been over-charged by zealous prosecutors. In all cases, each defendant deserves a vigorous and skilled defense. That’s what Alexandra Kazarian provides.

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