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When Charged With A Violent Crime, Hiring The Right Attorney Is Critical

Violent crimes are generally treated very harshly by judges and prosecutors, but clients can find that it is shockingly easy to be charged with them. In some cases, all a prosecutor needs to see is a police report with an accusation of violence, and some sort of injury on the accuser, for a case to be filed as a felony.

In some cases, a witness isn’t even needed. Many people think these kinds of cases can’t go forward because they are based on “hearsay”. In reality, a case CAN be based on a he-said, she-said situation, making it hard for innocent people to defend themselves.

Because of this, many people accused of violent offenses are actually, truly innocent. Some cases are based on the misidentification of a real wrongdoer. Some situations arise out of a need for self-defense, and other times an accuser has an ulterior motive to lie. Alexandra has helped countless clients in situations just like these and more.

Defense Against A Wide Range Of Violent Crimes

Alexandra Kazarian has handled serious and violent criminal matters for 15 years. Violent crime allegations can also be complicated by California’s Three Strikes law and California’s gang enhancement allegations that can double, and sometimes triple a client’s maximum exposure. Just some of the crimes Alexandra has defended clients against include:

  • Murder
  • Kidnapping
  • Robbery
  • Carjacking
  • Assault
  • Penal code criminal threats
  • Arson

In these types of cases, the details matter greatly. If a weapon was used (or even just in proximity to the crime), the charges and potential penalties can be enhanced. Alexandra will begin her own investigation and formulate a criminal defense strategy as soon as you contact her.

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When you’re set to appear before a judge for a violent crime, there’s a lot at stake. Give yourself the best possible chance for a satisfactory result by contacting The Law Office of Alexandra Kazarian. Alexandra will give your criminal matter the attention it deserves, and will advocate for you in and out of the courtroom. Schedule a consultation by calling 213-808-0191 of by filling out an online contact form.