A Reputation For Results

A Defense Attorney Who Doesn’t Back Down Or Give Up

If you are currently facing criminal charges, there are at least two things you don’t have: time and room for error. You cannot afford to wait to seek legal representation; nor should you hire an attorney who isn’t experienced and trial tested. Thankfully, when you contact The Law Office of Alexandra Kazarian, you can rest assured that you and your case are in capable hands.

Alexandra Kazarian is a veteran criminal defense attorney who formerly served as a public defender in Los Angeles County. Her successful record on behalf of clients was impressive then, and it has only continued to grow since she opened her own practice.

Whether you heard about her from one of her many media appearances or were referred by a satisfied former client, you likely already know you can entrust your case to Ms. Kazarian’s practice.

Defense Against Any Criminal Charge

Some defense attorneys limit their practice to cases that are easy to win, low-stakes or both. That’s not what you’ll find at The Law Office of Alexandra Kazarian. Alexandra believes that clients deserve vigorous defense against any type of criminal charge – particularly those with the most severe consequences. You can contact the firm for representation against charges involving:

For most of the case types above, allegations alone can do serious damage to a person’s reputation. While it is not always possible to quiet the court of public opinion, you can and should focus on the much more important victory of a favorable resolution in criminal court. That all starts with hiring an attorney with a proven track record of success of behalf of clients.

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If you are facing criminal charges in Los Angeles or Whittier, please don’t take chances with your freedom. Contact The Law Office of Alexandra Kazarian for a free and candid discussion about the charges you are facing and the legal options you have.

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