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Aggressive Criminal Defense From A Fearless Trial Lawyer

When your freedom and your reputation are on the line, you cannot afford anything less than the most aggressive legal advocacy. In the Los Angeles area, the firm to call is The Law Office of Alexandra Kazarian. This solo practice was founded by Alexandra Kazarian, an attorney with more than 15 years of experience, including securing notable acquittals for high-profile crimes when she worked as an Los Angeles County public defender.

Because of her skill and confidence in the courtroom, Alexandra has earned the respect of both her legal peers and opposing counsel. She regularly achieves acquittals and other impressive results for clients accused of crimes ranging from DUI to drug possession to sex offenses and even murder.

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Where Have You Seen This Attorney Before?

Alexandra’s in-depth legal knowledge and straightforward communication style make her ideally suited to provide analysis and commentary in the media. Her appearances include:

  • Providing regular legal analysis on CBSLA’s nightly news, including live analysis of the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh
  • Being quoted regularly on Fox News
  • Being quoted frequently in print publications, including People Magazine and Us Weekly

Although she runs her own private practice, Alexandra is also of counsel at Geragos & Geragos, the internationally respected firm founded by high-profile civil rights attorney Mark Geragos (who is also a fellow Armenian). She is honored to try high-profile cases alongside this giant of the legal community.

A Practice Built On Relationships And Satisfied Client Referrals

Ms. Kazarian has worked throughout her career to build relationships with others in the legal community, including fellow defense attorneys, prosecutors, court staff and law enforcement officers. As such, she has access to valuable insights and informed professional opinions on a broad range of legal topics relevant to her clients.

Speaking of clients, they are the reason that The Law Office of Alexandra Kazarian continues to grow and thrive. Word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied former clients are more powerful than any online advertising or television appearance. They are a testament to the important role a criminal defense attorney plays in the lives of those she serves.

Take Advantage Of A Free Initial Consultation About Your Criminal Matter

To discuss your criminal charges with a skilled attorney during a free consultation, call The Law Office of Alexandra Kazarian today at 213-808-0191. You can also fill out and submit an online contact form.